P. Del Rosario Street corner CPG East Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300


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Lorraine Aplasca

April 25, 2018

5 star | google

Fast Wi-Fi and good coffee in a modern coffee shop

Regina Brilata

April 18, 2018

5 star | google

The place is perfect to have an afternoon coffee and read a book or catch up with friends. We had a great cup of joe while killing time, waiting for our flight. 😊

Bernan Galamiton

April 4, 2018

5 star | google

Good atmosphere,love to stay with coffee

Tonette Mira

April 4, 2018

4 star | google

Food taste great. Excellent staff.

Polina Franco

March 3, 2018

5 star | google

(Translated by Google) Very cozy and modern inside, though few places. Delicious coffee, there are a couple of vegetarian dishes, very tasty, I recommend (Original) Очень уютно и современно внутри, правда мало мест. Вкусный кофе, есть пару вегетарианских блюд, очень вкусно, рекомендую

Julie C Garcia

Feb 3, 2018

4 star | facebook

It's warm and cozy, and the wifi is very strong that you could spend long hours here. The food is alright, and I look forward to visiting again to sample the other items on the menu.

Phil Rothmund

Feb 1, 2018

5 star | google

What a lovely coffeeshop! It's clean, looks neat, spacious and their staff is first class. Coffee is great and the food (Chicken & Waffles) tasted delicious, the caramel cake was wonderful too. Highly recommended place to visit.

Richard Laxa

Feb 1, 2018

5 star | google

Best coffee shop setup on the island. If you are looking for a lovely creamy latte with no 'creamer' and real milk then this is worth a visit. The Internet is pretty fast here too so you could ship out your laptop and get some emails done. The food is great too. I'd recommend the chori burger. I wish they had fries to go with it too. Not chips. haha. The staff are super friendly. This cafe is very baby/kid friendly. Great place to relax from the heat of the city.


Feb 1, 2018

3 star | google

Brunch as a food experience is rare in this city, but thanks to this café, it is now something everyone should try. The idea's novelty is surely the major appeal of Tamper, and next to that are the place's attentive staff, spacious dining area, and the no-fuss but posh industrial ambience (which is a magnet for IG/social media savvy kids out there). It has a restroom (on the small side) and doable WIFI. The coffee drinks are just okay, since the café still heavily relies on flavored syrups. As for the brunch offerings themselves, they are appetizing but a bit overpriced.

Pavel K

Nov 19, 2017

5 star | tripadvisor

Very friendly staff, good english speaking, the breakfast was tasty, they care about satisfaction of customers. Western type of coffee and food mainly. I definetly recommend!


Nov 11, 2017

5 star | tripadvisor

We ordered waffles & chicken, grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup and americano coffee. The food was delicious and so tasty! Great coffee as well. Would recommend this place for breakfast/lunch, but they also serve burgers and pasta.

Joseph Angan

Sept 4, 2017

5 star | google

Friendly staff and good food. Great for breakfast if you're coming from a flight. It's a 150 peso tricycle ride from the airport. Expect Manila prices though, even if it's located in a Tagbilaran suburb.

Daniel Cortel

August 5, 2017

5 star | google

What a nice shop, and that for a big filipino city, would definetly recommend everyone that has a bit more peso's to spend

Claire A

March 29, 2017

4 star | tripadvisor

I loved the ambiance of the place. The food tasted yummy! The food servings were big. They have many options(waffles, sandwiches, etc). We ordered their Seafood pasta, Tuna Sandwich, Banana Caramel and White Matcha Smoothies. Tasted great! 👍

Steve Sarmiento Humair

March 13, 2017

5 star | facebook

One stop that is worth it best coffee in town and the food and drinks

Jia Ling

March 13, 2017

5 star | facebook

Serves delicious coffee and brunch. Very friendly and helpful staffs as well :)

Niccolo G. Chiongbian

Feb 24, 2017

4 star | facebook

One of the things I check in a place is coffee shops especially those which are locally established. As to Tamper? The place is one of the best in city. I super love the couches outside the shop. You could really tell that it was really planned in making it because of the interior design. But the downfall are the price and parkig area. I think it is not that friendly and not worth it maybe because their target market is Class A and B. But over-all, my fave place since the first time I visited to chill, unwind and work.

Jovy Yu

Feb 9, 2017

4 star | facebook

Good place to catch up wih friends. Love the foods. Might i suggest that wheat bread can be used as alternative to white bread.